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Application areas

Construction Industry

"Our LiftKar Cargo Line, including NEO Liftkar SAL, LiftKar SAL, NEO Liftkar HD, LiftKAR HD, UNIKAR, and MODULKAR, provides the ultimate solution for the construction industry to effortlessly move heavy loads. Whether it's bricks, steel beams, concrete mixers, or heavy equipment, our stair climbers can handle loads ranging from 243 lbs up to an impressive 794 lbs, depending on the requirements of your construction projects.
We place a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of your employees who handle heavy loads daily.

We understand that any idle time due to health issues or workplace accidents can delay your projects and affect the quality of life for your workers.
Therefore, our LiftKar line is not only designed to reduce the workload but also to ensure the health and motivation of your employees. Trust us to make your construction projects smooth and efficient while safeguarding the well-being of your staff."

Application examples

Daily situations


LiftKar HD

The Classic - with standard battery

LiftKar HD

NEO LiftKar HD

Lithium powered - super strong - high autonomy

NEO LiftKar HD