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Application area

Wood & Furniture trade Industry

"Our solutions for the wood and furniture industry greatly facilitate the delivery of your products. Even when dealing with stairs and long distances, our electric stair climbers provide the power to safely transport loads ranging from 242 lbs to 794 lbs. This not only saves you valuable time and labor but also significantly reduces the required number of personnel. Delivering heavy furniture pieces such as wall units, sofas, coffee tables, and solid wood furniture is effortlessly accomplished.

Such loads can be moved effortlessly and transported up stairs, which not only enhances work efficiency but also safeguards your company's most important asset: 'Healthy employees.' Discover the performance of our equipment and optimize your entire delivery process."

Application examples

Daily situations

up to 2000 steps up or down!  depending on your choice


Lithium powered - feather light - super fast


LiftKar SAL

The classic! - with standard battery

LiftKar SAL