Bei uns steht der Mensch im Mittelpunkt

Makes Work Easier

Application areas

Beverage Industry

"Our LiftKar Cargo Line, including NEO Liftkar SAL, LiftKar SAL, NEO Liftkar HD, LiftKAR HD, UNIKAR, and MODULKAR, is the ultimate solution for the beverage industry to effortlessly move deliveries of any kind. Whether it's a variety of beverage types, raw materials, barrels, refrigerators, or beverage vending machines, our stair climbers can easily handle loads from 243 lbs up to an impressive 794 lbs, depending on the requirements of your deliveries; we have the right stair climber for you.

With our reliable tool by your side, you can rely on motivated employees who know they are supported in tackling all delivery challenges. Our LiftKar line accompanies you in all areas and ensures not only a significant reduction in workload but also increased productivity and workplace satisfaction. Trust us to make your deliveries smooth and efficient."

Application examples

Daily situations

up to 2000 steps up or down!  depending on your choice


Lithium powered - feather light - super fast



Ergonomic - lightweight - robust - adaptable - HANDTRUCK